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You may have heard of marketing automation, or perhaps you are familiar with “demand generation”. Marketing automation software enables you to automate the internal and external processes of target marketing and communications, such as automatically generating follow up emails to prospects based on their actions. Demand generation refers to the use of sales and/or marketing strategy and tactics, such as email marketing and outbound sales calls, to generate interest in your product or service. It’s a strategy that employs a technology that can identify, quantify, qualify, and nurture prospects using automated processes and drive revenue using trigger-based, multi-touch communications.

In today’s world, marketers usually juggle and manage multiple platforms, systems, reports and databases. With all this information to manage, you can easily become stuck in the middle, working less efficiently and effectively. That means you aren’t able to obtain the qualified prospects you want, and are not able to reach the conversion and sales revenue goals you have set.

Marketing automation can change all of that. Providing a one-stop solution, it allows you to accomplish your goals by allowing you to work more efficiently. Plus, when coupled with an existing CRM system such as, it can definitively point to efforts that contributed to a sale and an increase in the company’s revenue. These are hard metrics that until now, most marketing departments have not been able to prove in order to “justify” their existence.

If your company recognizes the importance of not only winning more customers but also engaging prospects, then you are ready for implementing marketing automation.

Is marketing automation right for your company? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if it is:

  1. Are you using email marketing as part of your strategy?
  2. Is it valuable to you to identify who is on your website and who is interacting with emails and content?
  3. Is there a need to hand sales leads off to a sales people as soon as they reach a certain “threshold” of readiness?
  4. Do you need to rapidly respond to qualified prospect action on your site?

If you answer yes to at least two of these question, then your business would benefit from marketing automation.

Perhaps you are already aware of the value of marketing automation, and have looked into the possibilities for your company already. In your search, you will have found very few companies who can provide this service. If you approached them about helping you, you will likely have found them to be enterprise-level suppliers who are incredibly expensive.

We have always provided marketing automation consulting, but until now, we did not have solutions for any business smaller than enterprise-level. We now proudly offer marketing automation solutions for your small- to medium-sized business

If you are interested in this service, give me a call at 805 443-0643, or fill out my inquiry form and I’ll send you more information.

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