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US Voters Want Solar Energy

2012 October 14

Hart Research US Voter Solar Energy Survey Results 2012With so many political footballs getting kicked around this year, I’d like to help put one of those footballs across the goal line for everyone. A recent online survey makes it very clear that US voters want solar energy and it doesn’t seem to make much difference what party they belong to.

The Results of the Survey

The report on the survey shows that 92%  – nine out of ten – of registered voters replied that it was “very” or “somewhat” important that the United States develop and use solar power. What really got my attention was that most respondents felt this way regardless of party affiliation:

  • 84% of Republicans
  • 95% of independents
  • 98% of Democrats

The results were similar when people were asked how they view solar energy, with 85% responding favorably.  Another 78% indicated that the federal government should provide incentives. People felt that harnessing solar energy for power generation would “definitely” or “probably” be good for the US in several ways:

  • 97%: Good for environment
  • 88%: Help reduce dependence on foreign oil
  • 87%: Help reduce cost of electricity
  • 86%: Good for American jobs and the economy

Learn more

The survey of 1,206 adults was conducted by conducted by the independent polling firm Hart Research Associates. It was released Tuesday, October 2, 2012. The report on the survey is available for viewing on

Politicians Need to Listen and Act

This survey demonstrates that making use of solar energy as a power source, and making the technology more available to businesses and residents is not a political issue. It is what most of the voting population wants. Our politicians need to stop kicking this  back and forth as if it were an issue, and listen to what we, the people, are telling all of them: US voters want solar energy.

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